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Author Susanne Burge - Power in Mind

Power in Mind

I am fascinated by what it means to be human, what makes us the people we are, how the human mind works and the extremes of its potential. This was the inspiration behind my first book, Power in Mind, published in 2013, a romantic thriller about justice and human rights.

Protagonists Alesandre and Lina, lovers and soulmates, are forced into a dangerous journey from which there is no turning back. They must discover who she really is before Andras, the man who claims to be her true father, catches up with them. He will stop at nothing to steal the secret hidden in Lina's genetic code and control her, to satisfy his appetite for power. "I have your DNA and the means through it, to acquire your gift. One I can see you have no knowledge of, or skill in using. We could work together, father and daughter, to solve the riddle your parents left you. I have the power and the wealth for you to realise their dreams. You could claim their fame and glory.”

Susanne Burge - Author of Without Borders Syria

Without Borders Syria

A love story about a young doctor who journeys into war-torn Syria to rescue two small boys from besieged Old Homs. Without Borders will appeal to those wanting to understand the current conflict in the Middle East and the rise of ISIS...

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