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Eu Referendum

What have we done?

Destabilised our country, Europe and the world, and proven what a racist, self-centred nation we are.
"The outcome stunned much of Britain, Europe and the trans-Atlantic alliance, highlighting the power of anti-elite, populist and nationalist sentiment at a time of economic and cultural dislocation." New York Times.
The value of the pound has plummeted along with our standing as a great nation in a troubled world. The far right, already gloating on its victory, looks likely to continue to rise and Scotland threatens to leave us to self-destruct.

Walking the dog along beautiful North Cornish coast, my senses tell me nothing has changed. Glorious aromas mingle on a rustling breeze: wild green ocean, bright yellow coconut gorse, damp earth and sweet honeysuckle. Early morning sun plays hide and seek with gusty clouds, cat and mouse with moving landscape. Teasing waves crash against intricate shoreline, revealing then concealing, white sand, mysterious caves and sparkling rocks. Distant cattle low bass, sheep baa alto to the delicate soprano of song-birds, the chatter of kittiwakes and the shrill cry of sea-gulls overhead.
And yet, everything is different. At a visceral level, I feel that something vital is lost and things can only get worse. My perception has altered. Instead of hope and promise, the clouds hang heavy with dread as the ocean scolds.

Seeing the hatred and xenophobia that has been unleashed and mindful of images used to sell a pack of lies to vulnerable people, I worry that history repeats itself. And yet, today is unprecedented, historic. There is no telling where or how far the repercussions of today will go. The EU is on the brink of collapse with an aggressive Russian neighbour thundering on its door. Fundamental Islam wreaks havoc, blood and tears throughout the world and fascists rise from amongst ordinary people. Not only in the United States, but here. In little, divided, no longer great, Britain. Once a nation respected throughout the world, destined to become a poor island prison to those whose birthright was membership of a strong united Europe. Who strove for a better, more tolerant, united world.

Listen to the words of 94 year old Polish war veteran, Jan Black, on the assault of the Polish social and cultural centre in Hammersmith:
“I saw so many of my countrymen give their lives to change Europe for the better.”
“I think the problem is, people just don’t know their history.”

1.11.16. Without Borders

With the catastrophe that is about to annihilate Eastern Aleppo, it feels very relevant but also, impertinent, to be bringing this book out now, but I think it adds context to the terrible events that are unfolding in Syria and the wider world. Having just spent a week in Germany with my mum and seen the comfortable, well organised reception camps for refugees, from where they are integrated into society - such a contrast to how they are received in other parts of the world, also, the fallout of Brexit, it seems even more important to share the message my book conveys as widely as possible.
These are ordinary people like you and me, put into impossibly horrendous situations. What if they were us, those our children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents? How would it be if the world abandoned us in the way it has them?

15.4.17. Without Borders will be published on 28.5.17. All proceeds will go to Save the Children's Syria Appeal. I hope those who read it are moved and inspired, as I was when I wrote, to strive for a better world, where all humans are considered equal, where we rejoice in our differences as well as those things we have in common and where kindness is what brings us the greatest joy. For the sake of every child who will inherit this world we shape.

21.5.17. Publication is delayed until 28.6.17. but Without Borders can be ordered and the original date will be honoured for deliveries. Also, it will be available as an ebook in the next week or two.
On another matter, Son two, aged thirteen at the time, challenged me to write next, a children’s book that was happy. I’ve been strapped for time but have jotted down various ideas, a storyline and the main characters. Every time I tell him, my son gets really excited, asks when it’ll be published and tells me how he can’t wait to read it. Also, to be sure to sign lots of copies before giving them away as one day I might be famous! But then I told him about one of the main protagonists, a child refugee from the middle east, who needs rescuing from slavery on a Cornish farm and do you know what my son said?
“Oh no, mum! This is a children’s book (young adult actually)! That would be like asking Michael Bale (of Transformers fame), to direct a Peppa pig film. He’d put loads of explosives in it!”
“Mmmmm. But my book needs heart as well as passion and to convey an important, topical message - about love, acceptance, redemption,” I said.
“No, it doesn’t - it’s a children's book!”
Of course, he’s right. There is a place for entertainment and laughter is the best medicine but, for some reason, I don’t seem to be able to help myself. I am compelled to raise the issue of equality and human rights. Should I practise more restraint and heed my son’s advice rather than the siren in my soul?

23.5.17. The day after heart-breaking Atrocity in Manchester. In the words of Aldous Huxley, "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music."

18.6.17. Article for Female First - you get to see it first: 10 things I want my readers to know about me in 500 words.

I grew up with curly hair, ( and have a particular aversion to bullies), no television or car, two siblings and various pets. As a young child during WWII, my mother, a classical pianist, watched her home burn to the ground in the industrial heartland of Germany, her grandfather taken away for questioning, yet again, and shared the fear of her mother, that next time the knock on the door would be for them all. Her father, a butcher by trade, was conscripted to the Russian Front. My father, a working class English boy, won a Physics scholarship to Cambridge and did top secret work for the MOD.

My favourite subjects were art, music, literature and languages but my parents encouraged me into medicine. I have enjoyed the thrill of healing for almost thirty years, working in the nhs.

With some less conventional experience in the use of Neuro-hypnotic re-programming and NLP, I’m fascinated by who we are, why we do the things we do and the potential of the human mind.

1987 saw me working in an Arab hospital in Israel at the start of the first Intifada and this is where my interest in Middle Eastern politics began. Ten years later, I was living out of a Kayak with my husband to be, in the wilderness of Alaska.

My greatest achievement is our children and one of my greatest joys, making music with others. I play cello in various ensembles.

I believe in the sanctity of life and the power of music; in singing loudly in the car and stopping to hear the birds sing; in carefree walks along the beach, smiles, compassion and laughter; being out in all weathers and looking after the bees; that I live in a global community and that we were all created equal. I know what it means to be part of everything, to have everything in me and that combating violence with violence does not work.

I believe that we need to nurture our planet back to health; that no woman should have more kids than she wants; that our children are our hope for the future and that “Love Conquers All” (Virgil). And I believe that, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.” (Dick Moore).

I love the company of friends, the solitude of an early dog-walk in the wildest of places and the hypnotic rhythm of swimming front-crawl.

I write as a catharsis and to make a noise for justice and humanity, though our fourteen year old has made me promise that my next book will be for children and happy.

Without Borders, is a love story about a young doctor who journeys into war-torn Syria to rescue two small boys. It is of potential interest to all wanting to understand the current conflict in the Middle East. All proceeds will go to those who inspired it - the children of Syria.
Susanne Burge